Bieszczady Holidays


Bieszczady is the third largest National Park in Poland. At its time of creation in 1973 it covered only 60 km sq.
and protected only a small part of a precious wildlife area. Throughout the next 30 years it was enlarged four times.
Today it occupies an area of 292 km sq. and extends over a large part of the Polish Bieszczady Mountains. In 1992 the Park became part of the UNESCO East Carpathian Biosphere Preserve.

The Preserve consists of three parts:
1. Polish (Bieszczady National Park and the two Landscape
Parks that surround it – Wetlinski and the San Valley).
2. Slovak (National Park Poloniny with adjacent areas).
3. Ukrainian (Uzansky National Park and the San-area Landscape Park).
Forests cover about 80% of the area. The woods are mainly natural and in some cases it can be said that they have preserved their pristine character. The highest peak in the park – Tarnica – is 1346 metres above sea level.
Around 70% of the park’s area is regarded as strict preserve which means that the use of trails is restricted. The park’s authorities do
however promote walking trips. There are several trails (up to 6-7 hours and longer)which criss-cross the park. Local guides can be hired in the village for walks in the National Park.
Wildlife enthusiasts will love not only the beauty of the Bieszczady National Park but also the wonderful array of animals that call the park home. Such mammals as the wolf, Lynx, bear, along with other smaller animals like the beaver and wild boar are abundant. The park is also home for bird lovers containing interesting bird specifies, including eagles and owls. Lastly we must not forget the rare European Bison. The park offers a beautiful forest with various paths for cross-country skiing, biking, along with the unique chance to venture off on Hucul horses with the many mountain horse trails that were developed for guest’s pleasure.



  • Fly fishing (Hosted 2010 World Championships) 50m away.
  • Quad-bikes and 4WD off-road trips.
  • Canoeing or Rafting.
  • Ice skating.
  • Horse riding.
  • Tennis Playing/Lessons
  • Football pitch (onsite 5 aside )
  • Basic skiing (great for young kids just learning 2km away)
  • Gliding(one flies with pilot in a gliding plane 2km away).
  • Mountain Team Adventures (mixed activities).
  • Mountain biking 250 local tracks over 50km in distance).
  • Walking trails and hiking trips(Tracks from 45mins to two days).
  • Wildlife trekking for Wolves and other animals.
  • Bird watching trips.
  • Bieszczady Railway:  Two hour journey through Bieszczady
  • National Park to several destinations. Just 10km away.
  • Solina dammed Lake: Sailing, canoeing, swimming,
  • Take a guided tour by boat, many restaurants and pubs.  Relax by the lake great day for the family. Just 10km away.
  • Skansen museum Sanok: Outdoor museum set in a small National Park consisting of old architecture buildings dating back as far as the 17th century.Guided tours can be organised up to 30 persons. Just 14km away.
  • Lesko Jewish cemetery: dating back to 1548. Just 2km away